• Bryan

Stage 1 complete, on to Stage 2

Stage 1 of The Garden Project is done. Garden plants can grow where weeds were. The soil is poor and because their is not a lot of organic matter in it the ground dries out quickly, with lots of cracking. The onions appear somewhat stunted and we lost some carrot seeds I consider Stage 1 a success. Despite a late planting time I have already harvested 5 zucchinis, all over one foot long and looking nice. The club kitchen used them the same day I brought them in. They ended up in a meat sauce that tasted delicious.

On to Stage 2. 

In Stage 2 we open up garden project funding to crowd sourcing. No longer do I need to fully fund The Garden Project myself. With crowd sourcing we will be able to expand current plans for this garden season and start gearing up for the 2019 garden season.  


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