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Du du dunnn

Well it happened :( the frost has ended the gardening season for 2018. Last night (27th) we got frost I was not aware we were going ton get. I went to the gardens today to get some small zucchinis and I saw the plants were all black and the tops dead. All the plants except for the beats. They made it through that frost.

So today (Friday 28th) became a clean up the gar

den day. I was really hopping to get another 3 weeks growth on the zucchini, cucumbers, chary tomatoes and beats but nope. The little fruits that were on the plants were not salvageable.

So I pulled plants, harvested what was left, added to the compost and took out most of the stakes.

Since the weather forecast was calling for frost again I thought I might be pushing it if I left the 2 remaining crops in the ground any longer. So I also dug the potatoes and the last half row of beats. I was ok with how many potatoes I got (just over half a pail) but I thought there should of been a larger harvest for the amount of seed potatoes I planted.

Saturday I should be able to finish taking down the rest of the stakes, trellis and fencing. I should be able to get some (hopefully all) of the Coco Coir re-hydrated and dug in the beds.

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