Weeds to Gardens

The Garden Project” is where we are turning a weed filled city lot into wonderful urban gardens and Now You Can also be part of this wonderful transformation :)

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Goals, history and some of how
things are progressing ...

The Garden Project was conceived by (and is headed up by) Bryan. He has made it his mission to try converting as much of this city lot (in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) into as many productive garden plots as can be created and maintained.

Bryan lives in an apartment and was missing having a garden. One day while going past this lot he found himself thinking, all those weeds look bad. Something should be done about all that. Then it clicked. Why not combine clearing off the weeds and replacing them with something that looks better and can be positively productive, like a garden!

Bryan contacted the land owner and was informed that there was currently no development plans for the lot. The owner generously gave permission for Bryan to go ahead with his idea. Permission was also given for the use of the watering hose from an adjacent building.  Bryan was all set. Because the weeds were growing Bryan thought at least some garden plants should grow. Next came the first garden plot layout plans and then he pulled the first weed.

In Stage 1 of, "The Garden Project" he invested some of his personal savings. Being an apartment dweller he was starting from scratch and had to get (or rent) everything a gardener would need. Bryan's past gardening experiences helped him to focus exactly on what was needed right away and what was practical.

A few of the first seeds did not make it BUT most of what was planted grew decently and continue to grow despite the poor quality of the soil. Shortly after the seeds were planted things seemed to be growing well when suddenly the beans, peas and some of the beat tops were gone. It turns out a Jack Rabbit was visiting the gardens for snacks. The rabbit has also now been spotted sleeping amongst the potatoes tops from time to time. Little fences were put around the peas, beans and beats. These plants quickly regrew and are now growing nicely.

In the past gardening was one of the things Bryan did to assist with his anxiety and depression. These things have been consistent companions that he has had to deal with in his life and using gardening as a form of therapy helps him. Mental health research now days finds that individuals with Mental Health issues who do gardening regularly are able to have a better quality of life.

Being a user of the Mental Health system Bryan is also a member of the Canadian Mental Health - Regina Branch (and the branches members club). The  branches club has its own kitchen and serves its members meals every day the club is open. Bryan has partnered with the club so other club members can volunteer to enjoy helping with garden tasks and also so the club's kitchen can have produce from the gardens.

With the continued creation of more garden beds, amending and improving the quality of the dirt in the present garden beds the CMHA Regina Branch Club kitchen can expect increasing quantities of produce in the future. This should help save on the clubs food budget.

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